Collagen Strips

smiling patient while looking at the mirror

Collagen strips are a very effective and valuable tool used within the Chao Pinhole treatment technique for gum recession. This is because, during this procedure, the tiny collagen strips are placed under the gums through the entry points and hold the tissue in place over the previously exposed tooth. Collagen strips are used in place of sutures which is extremely beneficial for patients.

​​​​​​​These collagen strips are actually pieces of a resorbable collagen membrane called Bio-Gide. Bio-Gide has long been used in periodontal treatments designed to help regenerate gum tissue. However, only recently has their use in Chao Pinhole surgery been discovered and utilized.

The benefits of using collagen strips in Chao Pinhole Surgery

Typically, an extensive number of sutures would be needed to help stabilize the gum tissue in place while it heals. However, sutures can be uncomfortable and irritating, as well as requiring time to heal. By using collagen strips instead, there is no need for sutures and the patient can make a much faster recovery from their Chao pinhole surgery.

Despite them being small, sutures are also very visible. However, when the gum tissue is held in place by collagen strips instead, there are also no unsightly sutures affecting the appearance of your smile while the gum heals. Since the entry point for the technique is tiny, it virtually disappears overnight. This means that you can start enjoying the cosmetic improvement in your smile straight away.

If you would like more information on the use of collagen strips in this instance, or if you would to schedule a consultation to discuss any of our dental procedures, including Chao Pinhole surgery, please don’t hesitate to give our offices a call.