Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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Aging is a natural process, as is the yellowing of your teeth as you get older. Over time, the hard outer layer of your tooth called enamel wears away. The thinning causes the typical pale-yellow color of the dentin (middle layer) to show through. As a result, your teeth look yellowish.

Discoloration usually begins in the late 20s or 30s, depending on your lifestyle. Several factors can cause stained teeth. These include plaque and tartar buildup, smoking, and drinking dark-colored beverages daily.

Having poor eating habits may also contribute to tooth staining. This is especially true if you consume processed, highly acidic, or sugar-rich foods. Do your teeth seem discolored but unsure how to regain your bright, healthy smile? Here are a few of the amazing benefits of teeth whitening:

It Makes You Look and Feel Younger

Stained teeth or dental erosion is one of the first signs of aging. Your teeth will no longer be as strong as before. But that doesn't mean you have to put up with an unhealthy-looking smile. One way to take years off your appearance is with teeth whitening. Not only will this dental improvement conceal your age, but it will also make you feel more radiant. Besides, many people tend to associate white teeth with youthfulness and beauty. This is partly because you naturally seem younger when you smile — and people smile more when they love their smile.

It Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Looks aren't everything. But did you know that the quality of your smile can have a significant impact on your life? According to studies in cosmetic dentistry, maintaining white, healthy teeth is linked to success in life. Having whiter teeth helps enhance your self-esteem and promotes a more positive self-image and sense of identity. In effect, you feel more confident. For many people, it can be embarrassing to smile or speak up in public with discolored teeth — even around family or close friends. With teeth whitening, you can make a great first impression and will no longer hold you back from personal and career opportunities.

It Improves Your Oral Health Care Habits

When your dentist gets rid of your dental stains, they also supplement the hygiene and overall health of your teeth. This reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease due to plaque buildup. Besides, many patients who've undergone teeth whitening treatment tend to show a positive change in their dental routine. Enjoying the benefits of whiter teeth usually leads to people taking extra good care of their oral health.

Are you looking for a quick and effective solution to improve your appearance but currently have a limited budget? At Ironwood Dental Care, we can help you put your best foot forward at an affordable price. Achieving that pearly white smile is a lot easier than most people think. Many patients managed to get their dream smile with our professional teeth whitening procedure. Call our clinic today in Queen Creek, Arizona, at (480) 712-8580 to make an appointment.