Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom teeth usually come in for most people in their late teens or early twenties. The teeth can stay if they are healthy and properly aligned. But in most cases, they come in misaligned or impacted, requiring extraction.

The type of sedation or anesthesia will depend on the condition of the wisdom teeth. If they are impacted (enclosed within the soft tissue and/or the jawbone) the wisdom tooth removal procedure will be more involved. That will also be true if the teeth are coming in sideways. In these cases, the teeth may need to be removed with some bone because the tooth is embedded in the jawbone. So, the option of either only local anesthesia or full “sleep dentistry” depends on the number of wisdom teeth being extracted and their condition. We offer both local anesthesia and IV sedation for extractions on site for wisdom tooth removal at Ironwood Dental Care in Queen Creek, AZ.

To remove your wisdom tooth, the gum tissue that covers the tooth will be opened up. Any bone that covers the tooth will be removed as well. The tissue that connects the tooth to the bone will then be separated before the tooth is extracted. In some cases, the tooth has to be broken or cut into smaller pieces for easier removal.

Stitches may or may not be needed after wisdom tooth removal. If you have stitches, we will tell you if they are dissolving or will need to be removed (in about one week). To help stop bleeding, place a moist cotton gauze pad over the empty tooth socket and bite down firmly. Apply pressure for about 45 minutes. A moistened tea bag is an effective alternative — the tannic acid in tea helps form blood clots in the socket.

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